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This document contains the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Web site and services talkandcode.com (hereinafter the website) . This document , Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy , and other legal notices of the website make the legal text of the website.
Inside the boxes is a brief explanation of each section , which in any case has no legal validity.

Acceptance of Terms

You may not use our services unless you have accepted the Terms & Privacy Policy , so read them carefully .

You must read, understand and accept these terms and conditions before signing up for diseñadoresindustriales.es or any of its subdomains or link. At the time of registration it is subject to these conditions , which govern our relationship with you in the website. You can only after having read and accepted these conditions register. You accept that the website and Talk & Code use the information shared as set out in our Privacy Policy .

Site Description

Talk & Code is a software company which offers its services as Digital Software Factory to customers around the world.

The website is totally free, has an open character and is managed by Team Talk & Code. On the website you can share your data via the contact form, contribute and learn in publications company blog .

Site Access

No registration is required to access public content . The web service may be temporarily suspended if deemed appropriate.

Any person is authorized to access public content of the website . It is possible that sometimes the access to the site , either by problems in the domain and hosting service , or problems by the person trying to access the site impossible. The service may be temporarily suspended due to upgrades, maintenance or any other reason . The website reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the service or access to it , besides establishing limits for wings functions and services it deems appropriate , without prior notice and without liability .

Access to the Web site will be available from anywhere in the world, but this does not ensure the availability of all services or functions in your country or that the content is legal in your place of residence. The Society for the Diffusion of Industrial Design or web site administrators can restrict access to certain services , features or content in countries they consider appropriate . It is your responsibility as a user to ensure that access to services, features and content of the legal website in your country of residence. Talk & Code develop and promote the extent of the possible availability of website content in official languages ​​such as Spanish (ES ) , Catalan ( CAT ) and English (EN ) , which at any time limit the publication of content is not available in those languages ​​.

User behavior

For the proper functioning of the website it is necessary for users to behave in an honest and well-meaning way.

If you drive an account comments on any section of the website, published material or links within the website or otherwise does get some material (or allow a third party to ) through the web site, you will be the only responsible for what falls within any damage resulting -and determined that content. This applies to any type of content (images, video , audio , links , etc.). Talk & Code and the website administrators do not have the tools to check the content posted by its users and , therefore , does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality.

As a condition of use, you agree not to use Web services for illegal or prohibited purposes by the Legal Texts or for any other purpose other website . As examples, but not limited to, agree not to use the web services :

Abuse, harass , threaten, impersonate or intimidate anyone.

Post or transmit , or cause to be published or transmita- any defamatory, obscene, pornographic , abusive , offensive , profane , or otherwise violates any copyright or rights in general anyone.
For any purpose ( including the publishing or viewing content) prohibited by the laws of the place where use Web services.
To post or transmit , or cause to be published or transmita- any communication or request with the purpose or intent to get a password , account, or private information from any user .
Create or send unwanted emails or " spam " any person or URL.
Create multiple accounts in order to vote for or against other users or yourself.
Post content of which does not hold the copyright , unless the author's name is given and a link to the source of the content to be included .
Use any robot, " spiders ", " scrapers " or any other automated means (not including RSS feeds ) to access the website for any purpose if you do not have a permit . You further agree not to (i ) proceed in any way that imposes or may impose , in our discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionately not load on our infrastructure ; ( ii ) interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the website or any of the activities thereof; or ( iii ) bypass any measures we use to prevent or restrict access to the website.
Increase or alter the number of votes or comments artificially, as well as any other parameter used for managing the website in order to give or receive money or any other compensation for such votes ; engage in acts that somehow alter the results of the Services.
Advertise or solicit anyone to buy their products or services, or using information obtained from our services to advertise to, solicit or sell something to other users without their consent.
Sell ​​or transfer your profile.

When sharing content , you represent and warrant that:

1. The use of such content will not violate property rights , including but not limited to copyright , patent , trademark or trade secret of any third party.

2. If your employer owns the rights to any intellectual property that you generate , has ( i ) received permission from your employer to post or share content , including but not limited to any computer program or ( ii ) obtained the duty exemption their employer .

3. Respect any third license linked to the content.

4. The content does not carry or contagious virus , malware , Trojan horses or any other harmful or destructive content for the Web site or other users.

5. Use the website and its services in response to the Privacy Policy , the Policy Cookies, to its Terms and Conditions and any other legal notices published on the website , but also to the laws and regulations (including without limitation local laws or regulations in your country , state, city or governmental area , regarding online conduct and acceptable content , and even the laws pertaining to the transmission of technical data exported from the European Union or their country of residence ) .

If you suspect abuse the website or violation of Legal Texts email us with the explanation : info@talkandcode.com .
Talk & Code and website administrators the right to ban any user of its services are reserved . The right to remove any content for reasons deemed necessary also reserve .
Talk & Code and administrators of the website, without being confined to any of these representations or warranties , have the right (but not the obligation) to ( i) refuse or remove any content that, in his opinion, violates the legal texts or is harmful or unpleasant or ( ii) terminate or deny access to the website to persons or entities for any reason considered.
You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users within the Web site. Talk & Code and site administrators reserve the right , but no obligation , to follow up disputes between users.

Shared or sent content to appear on the website

You transfer the rights provided content to the site only for the dissemination of the website

You retain all intellectual property rights and its contents. Talk & Code and the website in no time pretend rights of its content.
However , to raise or submit content to the website , you grant Talk & Code a non-exclusive , communicate or distribute jobs , with the aim of exposing the best way , besides presenting , publish, reproduce, store or use global license such content. The license serves only to operate , sell, promote and improve our services. If we decide to include his work in some capacity or promotional material on the website we will give you credit for the content.
In addition , by submitting your content , you grant Talk & Code and administrators of the website and its users and visitors the right to share across multiple platforms integrated social networks (like Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus).
Talk & Code and the website administrators do not warrant or guarantee that the content published on the website found not copied illegally and without their consent. Talk & Code and administrators of the website does not prohibit them from users and visitors to the website to make copies in low resolution thumbnails of the content published on the website , so hereby authorizes Talk & Code and site administrators allow users and visitors to the website to make such copies of its contents in low resolution.
It represents and warrants that no right to revoke the permissions granted herein , nor seek , obtain or enforce any injunctive relief will or otherwise against Talk & Code or the web site or its management ; hereby expressly and irrevocably waives all such rights , cediéndoselos to Talk & Code .
Also agree that Talk & Code and site administrators retain and use copies of its content for archiving, backup or to have any of the research objectives listed below.

Responsibilities of visitors to the website

You may find annoying or objectionable content . If the content is not in accordance with the Legal Texts will proceed to its elimination.

Talk & Code or web site administrators have not reviewed nor can review all material posted on the website and, therefore, they can not take responsibility for the content, use or effects that might ever have. Talk & Code and administrators of the website do not imply or state that supports the published material nor certify their accuracy, usefulness or not harmful. You will be responsible for taking the necessary steps to protect your computer from viruses, Trojans or other malicious software precautions. You might find offensive, indecent or objectionable material; Content with technical inaccuracies, typographical errors or any other kind. The website may also include material that violates privacy, publicity rights, or infringes the intellectual property or other rights of third parties; or the downloading, copying or use subject to other terms and conditions previously set or not. Talk & Code and site administrators are detached from any liability for damages resulting from the use of visitors to the website or downloads content posted on it.
Also agree that if you find content that might find it offensive or annoying, but compliance with the legal texts, the only solution is to stop viewing the content in question . On the other hand , if the content violates the legal texts agree that the solution will report via email , as accurately as possible, citing the reasons , addressed to info@talkandcode.com .


You allow the use of their data for legal purposes or purely for research.

Talk & Code and site administrators may enter or publish user information or your browsing within the service ( a) when required by law; ( b ) to assist with customer service; ( c ) if they think or believe necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of the site, its users or the general public; ( d ) for studies and / or research , in which case their identification data will be detached from the published information.

Intellectual property website

All the content related to the Site or the association is owned by the association.

Brands, logo , sample code, computer software and other content included in the website services are protected by intellectual property rights . Access to the website does not grant rights to these materials. You may not use the website content unless permission is sought from Talk & Code or permitted by law. It is also prohibited from using the trademarks and logos of the website, as well as Talk & Code provision of the services without the consent of Talk & Code ; plus remove , obscure, or alter text or notices contained in the website, since it is prohibited to use them to build any database .

Disclaimer of Warranties

You might find content that is not to their liking on the website .

You agree and acknowledge that when entering the website and use their services could possibly be exposed to offensive, indecent or objectionable material published by other users and therefore accept to take that risk . The opinions expressed on the website or through its services do not reflect the thinking of Talk & Code or website administrators . Not support or endorse certain posted by users of the website contents. Some of the contents of others might be wrongly labeled, qualified or categorized.
Although efforts are made to provide safety and security measures for its content , Talk & Code and site administrators are not responsible for damages that occurred after the disclosure of the contents are made.
He recognizes and accepts expressly and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law Talk & Code offered by the website , services , content and the material as it comes without warranty of any kind, express or implied, statutory or otherwise . For example , there is no guarantee that ( a) the services , content, and materials will meet your requirements or will remain always available, accurate, error-free ; ( b ) the results obtained from the use of the site, services , content or materials will be effective , accurate or reliable ; or ( c ) any error or defect in the site , services, content or material will be corrected. Neither Talk & Code or website administrators and assigns, nor its suppliers guarantee that the website will remain error free or that access to it is always continuous and uninterrupted. You understand that get downloaded or content or services through the web site at your own risk.

Limitation of Liability

We are not responsible for damage or loss of information produced.

Neither Talk & Code , or the website, nor its directors, suppliers or assigns, in any case for any section of these terms, under any contract, negligence, strict liability or any other legal or equitable theory , will be responsible for : ( I) special, incidental or consequential damages ; ( II ) the cost of procurement or substitute products or services; (III ) the interruption of use or loss or corruption of data . Talk & Code and site administrators shall not be liable for any failure or delay caused by circumstances beyond its control. This shall not be used insofar as it is prohibited by law in rigor.


We may close without notice if deemed it appropriate.

Talk & Code and site administrators can suspend your access to all or parts of the website at any time and without cause , immediately.
You can stop using the services at any time.


These Terms and Conditions may change.

Talk & Code and website administrators the right to modify or replace any part of these conditions are reserved . It is your responsibility to review them regularly to identify changes. Your navigation within the website following the posting of changes will mean the acceptance thereof . In addition, the web site could include new services or functions in the future. If so , such services or functions will be subject to the terms and conditions specified in these conditions.


Send notices to Plaça Galla Placidia , 5-7, Esc D , 1st 7è , 08006 Barcelona , unless the direction is changed within the conditions.

Almost all communication between Talk & Code or administrators of the website and the user will electronically. Accepts all electronic communication with Talk & Code and administrators of the site and meet the legal requirements if you want the communication is in writing .


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless with claims or demands Talk & Code , the website and its subsidiaries, directors, agents, employees, co-branded or partners , assigns, including attorneys' fees for treating your content , use the website or services and materials the website, your violation of the Terms or rights of third parties.


You agree that the service is considered passive and interactive , based in Spain , and not exercise personal jurisdiction over Talk & Code , the website or its management , or general -specific outside Spain.
Any cause of action or claim you may have for or related to the services shall be made within one ( 1) year from the date the claim or action , otherwise the file will be deleted .
It prohibited any claim with another by the Terms and Conditions of Use , Privacy Policy , Cookie Policy or the legal notices , to the maximum extent permitted by law, including any claim involving another current or past user website and its services . No class action proceedings will be allowed.
These Terms and Conditions together with the Privacy Policy , Cookie Policy and other legal notices published on the website constitute the entire agreement between the user and the web site regarding the services offered by the website. If it is determined that any provision is invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in rigor.
The failure of Talk & Code , the website or its administrators to insist upon or enforce any of the provisions of these conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of provisions or rights . Neither the course nor the conduct between the parties nor their exchanges must modify any provision in conditions.
Talk & Code may assign its rights and obligations under the conditions stipulated anywhere, at any time and without notice.
Are the rights of others to Talk & Code not mentioned reserved.

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Last update: 30 June 2015. It replaces any previous versions.